Sunday School

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Sunday School – Children and young people are not ‘the Church of Tomorrow’,  as some put it. They are very much part of the Church of Today, and we try to make every  effort to ensure that they are welcomed and included in more and more of what we as a church do. 

Our thriving and lively Sunday School meets on Sunday afternoons at the Church hall. The aim of Sunday school is to present the gospel to young people in age appropriate and relevant ways. Our four classes follow the highly respected ‘GO Teach’ curriculum tailored to the ages of the young people.  Our Sunday School  is open to all primary 1 to secondary 2 young people. We start with a lively time of praise and worship together before going into four different classes for Bible teaching.We meet again in August  and more details will be given in the church intimations as well as on the website.

All teachers are communicant members of the Congregation and have extensive experience in children’s and youth work/ ministry and a collective passion for working with young people .

New Pupils of all ages very warmly welcomed.