Chit Chat Group


Chit Chat is a women’s fellowship meeting that is held once a month through the winter. The format is informal with either a speaker or demonstrator at each meeting. Over the years there have been a number of speakers and demonstrators covering a variety of subjects including:

Talks on the persecuted church

Cookery and baking demonstrations

Living a Christian life within a Muslim country

Card making

Health issues


Gideon bibles……….. And other topics

The meeting is opened with prayer and a bible reading, then over to the speaker. There is always time for questions following the talk. The practical demonstrations usually involve participation from the group which is fun with plenty of chit chat! There is also a voluntary collection which is donated to a local charity each year.

The evening concludes with a hot drink, biscuits and more chit chat. All women welcome, please come along for a great time of fellowship!